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The Early Music Review

December 2003


Dorian DOR-90317

If you're prepared to let your hair down and have a good time, this new version of The Four Seasons will certainly open your mind - I'd never imagined the slow movement of 'Winter' as a tango, for example, nor that of 'Autumn' as an unmeasured prelude à la Louis Couperin, but both work, as do the bird sounds at the opening of 'Spring', the bagpipes of the final movement of Corelli's Christmas Concerto, and all the other effects used.

If Red Priest's avowed aim of re-inventing the audience reaction to original performances by Vivaldi is genuine and all four tongues are not firmly lodged in the players' respective cheeks, I'd be slightly dubious - at the end of the day, like it or loathe it (I'm firmly of the former camp, I'm slightly embarrased to say!), it's all great fun.

Brian Clarke

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